The Alps Journey: Step by Step

P1030346Because life is a journey, and walking with God is a step by step process, I’m writing here about my trip to the Alps.  I’ll ponder lessons learned for life, leadership, and intimacy with the creator through the entire experience, ranging from planning and preparation, to route finding and storms.  I hope you’ll join me here because sharing the journey brings  us joy.  The posts are below the gallery:

Success, Sabbaticals, Loss, and Heading to the Alps

One thought on “The Alps Journey: Step by Step”

  1. I share in your sorrow and lift you up to our Father. He will sustain us both. May God’s provision fill you to overflowing and bless your marriage and family. You will be greatly missed and yet I am overjoyed for you. Please be careful, pray always and return to us safely.
    Cheri Connell
    BCC WSea
    I will be praying for you and Donna every day.

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