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9 The Colors of HopeChristians should be artists who paint with the colors of hope in a broken world, guided by the intentional goal of blessing the lives of the friends as well as strangers in our midst, embodying Christ’s redemptive presence in our personal lives, our work, and our relationships. This book offers tools for living out this vision in daily life, with special attention given to the challenges we face in staying focused on the mission of imparting hope to others even while dealing with our own personal issues.

“The book’s continuous theme is that of an artist creating a unique expression on a canvas…the canvas is the life you have been given and Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly are the primary colors used to make create a masterpiece. What results from this art is beauty, adventure, truth, meaning and hope. In a Christian culture unbalanced by music, preaching and (afterlife only) evangelism…this book offers a refreshing reminder that God’s Kingdom is near…it is now and it is full of color!” Chris Gough, Dir. Church Engagement, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission

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Twenty years of working the same job had created weariness, which led to questions about faith, meaning, work, and life. Seeking answers, Richard set off with a map and a plan to hike forty days thru the Alps. What follows are the lessons learned through altered plans and being open to what God has to reveal through the beauty of creation, the challenge of trials, and the joy of companions.

“Richard guides us through his journey in the Alps and opens our eyes to God’s heart for all of us. I couldn’t wait to be brought into the next scene and hear how God had transformed his earthly adventure into an eternal truth. This book gave insight into my personal journey as well as how I lead those traveling with me.” Mike Gaffney, Vice-President, YoungLife College and University Ministry

“Richard Dahlstrom’s travels and adventures in the Alps aren’t just good stories of adventure in far-away places. Though told well enough to bring me right into the Alps with him, they’re also instructive on how unexpected everyday experiences can shape us to become better people. Those looking to find God in the commonplace will benefit from this book.” Jim Zorn, NFL player and coach

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While your physical body needs to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide in order to survive, the same rhythm is essential in the life of faith. You inhale life-giving strength from God through things like prayer, study, solitude, and silence. You exhale generosity, hospitality, and service to the poor. If you try to do one without the other, you won’t survive. This fresh perspective on the classic disciplines of faith will empower you to process the oxygen of the Spirit. Discover how you can develop a balanced spirituality that reflects the life of Jesus and keeps your faith growing strong in this new release of Richard’s first book, O2.

“We adopt a “rule of life” keyed to a new set of values. We inhale intimacy and love and peace. We exhale compassion and generosity. We inhale stillness and solitude and respect for creation. We exhale a fierce restlessness in the face of evil and injustice. And we practice doing it over and over again. In this breathing process we discover the Spirit of God alive in us, transforming and healing us. And we discover our place in the big story of redemption that God is writing for the whole world.” Robert Zurinsky, Pastor

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  1. Top o the Morning Richard!

    Wrapping up the Journey right now. The Spirit,through you, poked me in a number of places. Joy, tears, regret and your wonderful presentation of God’s beauty. Placing one foot infant of the other in faith, focusing on the present and the joy that is always here but that I too often ignore.
    I want to share the book with a number of others. Does it help you if I get them through you? Enjoyed our time at Hume lake retreat. Sincerely know that the Spirit works through you. And yes Christ is prodding me, like you to be examples of hope and love. Thank you my friend!

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