Merry Christmas….

Merry Christmas from Austria… I’ll be on holiday until New Year’s Eve. In the meantime, here’s a gift I’ve shared with my family as a way of saying: God has blessed me beyond all I could ask, hope, imagine.

May you know Christ’s life as your hope, peace, and joy throughout the new year.

See you in 2010

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  1. My friends visited Bethany from Vancouver, WA on Sunday and they absolutely loved the video we showed. They loved that church history was incorporated into the story of grace and the greater story of God and his kingdom come. They also loved hearing the heart and the passion of your Austrian friend and the perspective it offered on what it means to be the church with a capital C. Thanks Richard, for in the midst of your travels, offering touchstones to Bethany.

  2. Good choice with “the Luckiest,” enjoy the rest of your vacation and merry christmas! Cant wait to have you back on the pulpit

  3. Dear Pastor Richard!
    My Name is Verena, and I am here in Seattle for 3 weeks with my 9 year old son Lorenz to visit my sister Elke and her family for christmas until Jan. 9th. I live in Salzburg/ Austria, where my sister also lived until the married.
    So we are having a great Christmastime here.

    I told my sister, that I want to go to church here, with Lorenz, because that ist what is important for me around christmas.
    So I found your church just around the corner of her house and we attended the service on Christmas Eve.
    I do not go to church very often, because in Austrian catholic services, everything is too serious, heavy and not very attracting for children. The atmosphere ist wonderful but it is hard to make kids be more interested in church life.

    So I went wish my son, my nephew and brother in law at 4 o’ clock and was very interested what it would be like in another church.

    We were so deeply touched and nearly to tears because it was the best I ever felt in a service, and so did my son! He liked it so much, especially the many carols. After that we had Austrian Christmas on Christmas Eve, and the “Christkind came” instead of Santa Claus. Me sister build a wonderful nativity scene , an Austrian mountain farmers house, last time in austria, and that big thing was brought here and now just beside the Christmas tree.
    Today I found your blog and we all very delighted that you are right now in our beautiful county and we know Schladming Ramsau so well. The area around Schladming is so beautiful. And we became nearly a little homesick.
    You were just in Munich when we left at Munic Airport, and i remember so well the book “Die weisse Rose” about Sophie Scholl, you talked about in your film. I read the book years ago in school, and my sister took it to Seattle when she moved here.
    It is amazing what connections we have since last night. Austria, skiing, European history that I am very interrested in and working at University with several 3rd Reich themes to understand how that could happen.
    So in some way it is funny that the “little sister had to come that long way from Salzburg, that the familiy yesterday said:” We think that we now found an new church for us, and it is just around the corner!”
    So we will come next sunday for sure.

    Christmas greetings from Verena Reibhorn.

  4. sorry i forgot something,
    I was also so touched, becaus e we sang the carol “Silent Night, Holy Night”. It comes from a little village 20 km north from Salzburg, calleed Oberndorf.

    Josef Mohr and Franz Xaver Gruber. The local priest and the teacher wrote it in the early 1830s .
    One of the both was burried in the cementary of Wagrein, al little skiing village just 25 minutes on the autobahn away of Schladming on the way back to Salzburg.

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